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What is a "JUMBO" print cartridge, anyway?

Jumbotm  Toner Cartridges are slightly modified with a larger sized toner hopper so that 30% more toner by volume can be charged into the cartridge.  This requires a redesign on the hopper of each JUMBOtm cartridge so that it is dimensionally larger, but not too large to fit inside the laser printer!

You might wonder, whether there is a risk of overflowing the waste bin of the toner cartridge, since there is now much more available toner to get routed to the waste side of the cartridge.  Maybe you're a cartridge tech like me, so in this case, let me answer this concern in a technical way;  JUMBOtm cartridges consist of aftermarket components that are electrically matched to produce optimal print density, minimizing the amount of waste toner that gets wiped into the waste hopper.  The stronger "triboelectric"charge dramatically contributes to more toner forming the image on the OPC surface, to get transferred almost completely on paper, minimizing toner filling the waste hopper.  Just anothe reason why our JUMBOtm cartridges last so long!