Sep 052018

The Canon Imageclass MF729cdw offers similar features of previous models…

Just Better.

Easily connect your mobile devices without a router
using Wi-Fi Direct® connection*

• Print on the go with Canon PRINT Business,** Mopria Print
Service,*** Apple® AirPrint®,† and Google Cloud Print™††
• Tap and print with Near Field Communication (NFC†††) capability
• Help protect the privacy of your printed documents
with Secure Print
• Supports host-based UFR II-LT, PCL, and PostScript
languages to provide printing versatility (MF729Cdw only)
• Password-Protected Department ID monitors and controls
device usage for up to 300 IDs
• Seamlessly navigate through all the features with the
7-line, color, touch-panel LCD
• Easily print from, and scan to, USB (JPEG, TIFF, and
PDF formats)
• Print/Copy in both color and black and white at speeds of
up to 21 ppm•
• Increase your business efficiency with All-Mode Duplexing,
allowing you to print, scan, copy, and fax with ease
• ID Card Copy allows you to easily create copies of your
identification cards or other small documents on a single page
• Energy Saver mode uses only 2 W of energy (in Wireless mode)
Aug 172018

Epson is show casing a new inkjet multifunction printer line of slick looking color printers, all of which now use ink bottles having higher ink volumes instead of the dinky print cartridges.  Here’s the big bullet point bragging points by Epson:

Print in Color & Save

  • Save up to 80% on ink with low-cost replacement bottles4
  • Do away with out-of-ink frustration with cartridge-free printing
  • EcoTanks come with up to 2 years of ink in the box1
  • Features uniquely keyed auto-stop ink bottles and easy-to-fill, supersized ink tanks

… Don’t forget to read the dinky fine print disclosure or exceptions at the bottom of this big banner:

1Based on average monthly document print volumes of about 150 pages (ET-2700, ET-2750), 300 pages (ET-3700, ET-3750, ET-4750, ET-7700, ET-7750, ET-16500), 450 pages (ET-8700), and 800 pages (WF-R4640).

2Included ink bottle yields based on the ISO/IEC 24712 pattern with Epson’s methodology. Included ink bottle (Starter Bottles) photo yields are significantly lower. WF-R4640 included ink pack yields are estimated based on ISO/IEC 24711 test in Default Mode printing continuously. Actual ink yields will vary considerably for reasons including images printed, print settings, temperature and humidity. Yields may be lower when printing infrequently or predominantly with one ink color. All ink colors are used for printing and printer maintenance, and all colors must be available for printing. For more information, visit

3Equivalent cartridge sets estimate based on print yields of the included Black and color ink bottles as compared to Epson standard-capacity ink cartridge sets for similarly featured cartridge printers as of March 2017. Ink value based on MSRP (USD) of equivalent cartridge sets.

4Savings comparison based on the purchase cost of replacement ink bottles and the cost of enough cartridges to achieve the total page yields of the bottles using the manufacturers’ online prices and yields for the highest-capacity cartridges for the best-selling, similarly featured consumer inkjet printers priced at $499 or less per NPD, July 2016. Actual savings will vary based on print tasks, print volumes and usage conditions.

First of all, we need to separate some of the elusive facts from the obvious fictions stemming from this advertisement piece.

  1.  Cost per page is not determined here.  CPP is the way you measure true cost of operating any printing machine.  Yet Epson conducts a study, comparing the usage and yield of the ink tank system, with the old way of swapping out little ink cartridges.  It’s like comparing Samson to Goliath.  Yeah, we all get it.  Ink Tanks hold a lot more ink than a print cartridge.  Somehow, Epson has taken the print head of the cartridge and married it to the machine.  But I already know from years of playing around with ink cartridges, that the print head is what burns out, warps, bleeds or smears the ink at or near the point where the cartridge runs out.  At least with a ink cartridge, you get a new print head — the electronically vibrating component that jets the ink out in a precise way.   But cost per page is simply the price of the cartridge, or in the ink tank, divided by its yield or total pages it prints.  That would give us a cost per page, in terms of pennies per page.
  2. 80% savings is the promise to the consumer.  But is Epson deliberately stabbing itself in the foot?  Epson makes its lion share of revenue by selling ink cartridges.  Now that Epson is advertising a better offer to the smart consumer who is already mindful of ink costs (and therefore making the buying decision for an office printer upon ink cost), Epson heads off the buyer with the seemingly attractive 80% cost saving figure, to win them over.
  3. Again, I turn back to the Cost per Page.  Is it really 80%?  Are there other costs that are not related purely to ink tank replacement, but perhaps a print head replacement or something else that could be replaceable as a consumable?
  4. There are a lot of printing habits that vary the overall yield that the ink tank system will deliver upon.  They’re mentioned above, but I did not see the obvious:  page coverage.  Epson assumes that people print predictably the same content over the same page coverage, and so yield cannot be promised with any certainty by Epson, and I would not expect them to make such promise.  Percentage wise, we look at each person’s printing habits and draw a yield comparison relative to each type of printing system.  Perhaps Epson is trying to tap into the higher volume printing going out there, to take some of the marketshare away from the laser printing users, and get some roll back to inkjet printing.

Either way, it’s about cost per page; the absolute measure of what you spend to get a printed document thru the machine.

May 182018

Artists, Architects, Engineers, Photographers and Production Signage Shops!  Find some more Workspace for Canon’s new ImagePrograf.

Canon’s newly release production line of wide format printers promise a new way to produce and promote Wide Format full color images … for many different industry sectors and to market to End-users of all sorts!


Apr 052017

That’s right, the Konica Minolta Bizhub 4750P is a new model of monochrome Laser Printer by Konica Minolta that is sure to prove to be a valuable investment for your home or business.  In fact, the Bizhub 4750P is a table Top design, compact and capable to fit in small spaces so you won’t have to “work around it”.

  for Pricing and how to Purchase.

As a monochrome laser printer, the Bizhub 4750P is high resolution at its best, 1200 x 1200 dpi; and, a ripping fast print engine at about 50 pages per minute.  Printing nearly a page a second, it will also print 2-sided duplex at about 22 pages per minute.

So for more information please visit and search for 4700P on our site.

Nov 262016
Full-color printing for any budget or environment. As table top Design, the Ricoh SG3110 fits the bill. This machine is engineered to deliver high-quality color output without compromsing productivity, the enviornment or your budget. As an Inkjet Printer it offers the surprising speed, and prints with clear sharp color on many types of paper.   The alternative to the HP Officejet.
Sep 072016

Some Business owners have had enough with dealing with the obvious limitations of the small tabletop copiers, and want to “turn the corner” to find a better solution that will once and for all improve their Document Work Flow — not just for the owner but especially for employees.

To the business owner, the Mental intersection of Need vs. Want is that point where your practical thinking takes over and you want to make the best judgment call to invest in the right machine for your business.  Not just any machine, because any machine is just another cheap tabletop printer from the local stationery retail warehouse store.

Allow me to depart from the particular subject matter of office equipment:  The Experienced Boat Owner will one day turn his discerning eye towards the larger hull.  The experienced pilot will look toward a new airplane or one with more engines.  The car owner who has been driving on the same four wheels for years, will be ready not for just a trade-in, but a trade up.  It’s the way Americans think!

These moments of decision making require pause and good judgment.  When you’re ready to move into better Office Automation,  look me up.
You’ll feel the Liberty of thinking like an American again.

Toshiba Estudio 5005AC
Speed 50 ppm Color/Mono
Function Copy, Print, Scan, Optional Fax
Monthly Duty Cycle 0
Duplex Standard
Network Standard
Finishing Options Yes
Document Feeder Optional DSDF 300 sheets / RADF 100 sheets
Standard Trays 2 x 550 sheets
Standard Bypass 100 sheets
Optional Trays 2 x 550 sheets/Envelope drawer/1 x 2,000 sheets
Max Paper 3,200 sheets
Paper Size A3, up to 12″ x 18″
Print Resolution 600 x 600 dpi color/2,400 x 600 dpi mono
Scan Resolution 600 x 600 dpi
Memory HDD 4 GB
Dimension 23″ (W) x 25.2″ (D) x 31″ (H)
Weight 166 lbs
Starter Toner Not Included
Replacement Toner K=38.4K / CMY= 33.6K Yield



Mar 282016


Just last month, National Cartridge Co. earned an authorized sales and repair agreement with ACROPRINT time management systems. With any ACROPRINT brand time management system including software and component level repair, you can count on us to receive your broken time clock in for quick turnaround and warranty repair. Just call in and get started. 888-690-7283.

Helping you with a Time & Attendance Solution:  A Self-start Questionnaire.

Today’s businesses want life automated. We want to help you figure out a better way to improve the  workflow for payroll and time & attendence.

We want to help you determine the right system, both hardware and software, to figure it all out.

The bullet point questions are carefully thought out to help you and us find that solution.  Please answer them first and then contact us for assistance.

  • How many employees does your company have?
  • How many locations/sites does your customer have?
  • Does your company have a network?
  • How many points of entrance into your facility are there?
  • What type of communication do you want to use? (example: Do you want to put the clocks on your network? Do you want to cable the clocks to one computer? If you have a remote location, do you want to use modems?)
  • How many people will be running reports from the system? Will they all be working from the same computer or different computers?
  • What type of information do you want from the system? (examples: Who is in? Department reports?)
  • How do you want your employees to punch in and out? By Using badges? Using the clock’s keypad? Using the computer’s keypad? Using biometrics (a HandPunch or facial recognition?)
  • How many schedules/shifts do your have? (remember any employee working different hours has a different schedule/shift)
  • Does you require the system to ring bells for the start of shifts or lunches or breaks and the end of shifts or lunches or breaks?
  • What payroll package do you currently use?

Call us today: 888-690-7283 and let us help you answer some of these questions and recommend the right time clock product for your needs.  You can also fax us at (925)260-7852.  National Cartridge Co. is based in Walnut Creek, CA.  Within the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sep 252015

I read one of those MSN articles on the topic called “66 Tried-and-Tested Tips for a Frugal Life”, and being or wanting to be, frugal in how I handle money and buy things, I was naturally curious to read through the article.  Some of the ways in which to live a more frugal life cover:

  • Get a Deep Freezer (If You Have the Space For It)
  • Buy Whole Hams and Have the Deli Guy Slice It
  • Get Your Over-the-Counter Meds From Amazon
  • Know What the Average Price For Common Goods Are and buy accordingly
  • Find Affordable Recipes and then cook them
  • Skip the Laptop (hook a keyboard to an android device instead)

and then I came across this one: “Print at Work – If you don’t need it, don’t own a printer. I print event tickets, directions, etc., all at work.”


What kind of advice is this?  For one thing, how would any employer think of an employee who uses company office equipment and toner supplies for employee personal use?  I guess this article has shed light, perhaps, on the modern culture of entitlement and free stuff for the taking.  Somehow the the work place has become a venue of freebies.

Let me extrapolate on the new millenial entitlement mindset:  I pulled into a gas station and started the pump.  I see a rather nice little sport car roll up on the opposite side with the radio blaring.  A young but scruffy faced guy leans his head out the window and starts to plead with me.  He needs money for gas.  I say no.  He leans back and grabs what appears to be a new cordless drill set.  He wants to trade it for gas money.  I said no again.  He gives me this sorry look and then looks frustrated.  But what’s he frustrated about?  Not being able to trade stolen merchandise for cash so he can fill his tank?  This sort of soft pedaling happens all the time and I think it’s becoming a shamefless pattern of asking for the freebie.  I don’t subscribe to this behavior that is running rampant among the poor youth today.  Here’s a word for them:  poorteens.

Just about every middle-class family has at least one computer.  Would it not naturally make sense to also have a home printer with your home PC just for the mere convenience?  Nobody should have to steal from their employer to be frugal.  Home printing is absolutely affordable and overall a necessary convenience.  As a machine dealer, I am serious about bringing this issue up.  You can get the right home laser printer — monochrome or color, even at the price you want to pay.  All you have to do is reach me to discuss your needs.  I’ll take care of the frugality:  888-690-7283

  • Ken Brilliant, owner of NCC
Sep 242015

Save over 50% on our Quality-Priced Compatibles by National Cartridge Co. They’ll always get you through the Print Job …. Guaranteed!

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