Apr 052017

That’s right, the Konica Minolta Bizhub 4750 is a new model of monochrome multifunction copiers today that is sure to prove to be a valuable investment for your home or business.  In fact, the Bizhub 4750 is a table Top design, compact and capable to fit in small spaces so you won’t have to “work around it”.  Click Here for Pricing and how to Purchase.

Featured out of the box with the primary Scan, Copy, and Print functions, the Bizhub 4750 won’t embed the extra cost of a fax component you may not need.  Emailing features so advanced, they replace the single fax function of yester-year. As an example, the Bizhub 4750 can be easily set up to send a scanned document to multiple locations simultaneously with just a couple pre-programmed buttons.  Everything can be customizable for fast, user-friendly operation.

As a laser printer, the Bizhub 4750 is high resolution at its best, 1200 x 1200 dpi; and, a ripping fast print engine at about 50 pages per minute.
Printing nearly a page a second, it will also print 2-sided duplex at about 22 pages per minute.

Copying is a real breeeeeze with this machine, because for advanced settings such as collating, combining multiple originals to fewer sheets , 4-in-1 or 2-in-1, the large 9-inch full color touch sensitive control screen allows for easy menuing and accessing these features right away. Don’t worry about cost per copy either. The Bizhub 4750 promotes a large 20,000 print yield toner cartridge which reduces your cost per page below a penny. Comparing the cost for toner cartridges to comparable Lexmark MFP’s, we found a great offset in savings.  The Bizhub 4750 is that truly affordable pick for your next office equipment investment.

The Konica Minolta Bizhub 4750 50ppm mfp
If you do need to fax or receive faxes, adding on the fax component is a simple interface card that enables this 4th function. Just contact us to purchase the optional fax card.

So for more information on other key features and the benefits you receive, please call us for further information or CLICK HERE to download the Konica Minolta Bizhub 4750 Specification Sheet. It’s about four pages long.

Nov 262016
Full-color printing for any budget or environment. As table top Design, the Ricoh SG3110 fits the bill. This machine is engineered to deliver high-quality color output without compromsing productivity, the enviornment or your budget. As an Inkjet Printer it offers the surprising speed, and prints with clear sharp color on many types of paper.   The alternative to the HP Officejet.
Sep 072016

Some Business owners have had enough with dealing with the obvious limitations of the small tabletop copiers, and want to “turn the corner” to find a better solution that will once and for all improve their Document Work Flow — not just for the owner but especially for employees.

To the business owner, the Mental intersection of Need vs. Want is that point where your practical thinking takes over and you want to make the best judgment call to invest in the right machine for your business.  Not just any machine, because any machine is just another cheap tabletop printer from the local stationery retail warehouse store.

Allow me to depart from the particular subject matter of office equipment:  The Experienced Boat Owner will one day turn his discerning eye towards the larger hull.  The experienced pilot will look toward a new airplane or one with more engines.  The car owner who has been driving on the same four wheels for years, will be ready not for just a trade-in, but a trade up.  It’s the way Americans think!

These moments of decision making require pause and good judgment.  When you’re ready to move into better Office Automation,  look me up.
You’ll feel the Liberty of thinking like an American again.

Toshiba Estudio 5005AC
Speed 50 ppm Color/Mono
Function Copy, Print, Scan, Optional Fax
Monthly Duty Cycle 0
Duplex Standard
Network Standard
Finishing Options Yes
Document Feeder Optional DSDF 300 sheets / RADF 100 sheets
Standard Trays 2 x 550 sheets
Standard Bypass 100 sheets
Optional Trays 2 x 550 sheets/Envelope drawer/1 x 2,000 sheets
Max Paper 3,200 sheets
Paper Size A3, up to 12″ x 18″
Print Resolution 600 x 600 dpi color/2,400 x 600 dpi mono
Scan Resolution 600 x 600 dpi
Memory HDD 4 GB
Dimension 23″ (W) x 25.2″ (D) x 31″ (H)
Weight 166 lbs
Starter Toner Not Included
Replacement Toner K=38.4K / CMY= 33.6K Yield



Mar 282016


Just last month, National Cartridge Co. earned an authorized sales and repair agreement with ACROPRINT time management systems. With any ACROPRINT brand time management system including software and component level repair, you can count on us to receive your broken time clock in for quick turnaround and warranty repair. Just call in and get started. 888-690-7283.

Helping you with a Time & Attendance Solution:  A Self-start Questionnaire.

Today’s businesses want life automated. We want to help you figure out a better way to improve the  workflow for payroll and time & attendence.

We want to help you determine the right system, both hardware and software, to figure it all out.

The bullet point questions are carefully thought out to help you and us find that solution.  Please answer them first and then contact us for assistance.

  • How many employees does your company have?
  • How many locations/sites does your customer have?
  • Does your company have a network?
  • How many points of entrance into your facility are there?
  • What type of communication do you want to use? (example: Do you want to put the clocks on your network? Do you want to cable the clocks to one computer? If you have a remote location, do you want to use modems?)
  • How many people will be running reports from the system? Will they all be working from the same computer or different computers?
  • What type of information do you want from the system? (examples: Who is in? Department reports?)
  • How do you want your employees to punch in and out? By Using badges? Using the clock’s keypad? Using the computer’s keypad? Using biometrics (a HandPunch or facial recognition?)
  • How many schedules/shifts do your have? (remember any employee working different hours has a different schedule/shift)
  • Does you require the system to ring bells for the start of shifts or lunches or breaks and the end of shifts or lunches or breaks?
  • What payroll package do you currently use?

Call us today: 888-690-7283 and let us help you answer some of these questions and recommend the right time clock product for your needs.  You can also fax us at (925)260-7852.  National Cartridge Co. is based in Walnut Creek, CA.  Within the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sep 252015

I read one of those MSN articles on the topic called “66 Tried-and-Tested Tips for a Frugal Life”, and being or wanting to be, frugal in how I handle money and buy things, I was naturally curious to read through the article.  Some of the ways in which to live a more frugal life cover:

  • Get a Deep Freezer (If You Have the Space For It)
  • Buy Whole Hams and Have the Deli Guy Slice It
  • Get Your Over-the-Counter Meds From Amazon
  • Know What the Average Price For Common Goods Are and buy accordingly
  • Find Affordable Recipes and then cook them
  • Skip the Laptop (hook a keyboard to an android device instead)

and then I came across this one: “Print at Work – If you don’t need it, don’t own a printer. I print event tickets, directions, etc., all at work.”


What kind of advice is this?  For one thing, how would any employer think of an employee who uses company office equipment and toner supplies for employee personal use?  I guess this article has shed light, perhaps, on the modern culture of entitlement and free stuff for the taking.  Somehow the the work place has become a venue of freebies.

Let me extrapolate on the new millenial entitlement mindset:  I pulled into a gas station and started the pump.  I see a rather nice little sport car roll up on the opposite side with the radio blaring.  A young but scruffy faced guy leans his head out the window and starts to plead with me.  He needs money for gas.  I say no.  He leans back and grabs what appears to be a new cordless drill set.  He wants to trade it for gas money.  I said no again.  He gives me this sorry look and then looks frustrated.  But what’s he frustrated about?  Not being able to trade stolen merchandise for cash so he can fill his tank?  This sort of soft pedaling happens all the time and I think it’s becoming a shamefless pattern of asking for the freebie.  I don’t subscribe to this behavior that is running rampant among the poor youth today.  Here’s a word for them:  poorteens.

Just about every middle-class family has at least one computer.  Would it not naturally make sense to also have a home printer with your home PC just for the mere convenience?  Nobody should have to steal from their employer to be frugal.  Home printing is absolutely affordable and overall a necessary convenience.  As a machine dealer, I am serious about bringing this issue up.  You can get the right home laser printer — monochrome or color, even at the price you want to pay.  All you have to do is reach me to discuss your needs.  I’ll take care of the frugality:  888-690-7283

  • Ken Brilliant, owner of NCC
Sep 242015

Save over 50% on our Quality-Priced Compatibles by National Cartridge Co. They’ll always get you through the Print Job …. Guaranteed!

Quality-priced compatibles is the safe “middle ground” when switching off of Genuine Brand print cartridges. Don’t make the mistake in paying too little elsewhere!

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Sep 242015

Medical Offices Beware…

This article addresses an important warning to professional medical offices that refuse to upgrade their operating system on their computers and their server to stay updated and in compliance with HIPAA.  I have a few clients that are in this situation.  I discovered their outdated windows xp and server 2003 while installing a new copier in their office.  To the annoyance of their Network “engineer”, I advised over his head directly to the office manager to really consider updating to the newer versions of windows 7 and even windows 10, even if it means having to upgrade the computer hardware as well.  Quite frankly, I don’t understand why the network guy would not instead consider this needed upgrade as an opportunity to put more cabbage in his wallet.

I have a link you can go to for a full understanding of the ramifications in not upgrading if your professional office handles medical records for your patients.  You should know how close you come to getting fined for non-compliance.

Original Article on HIPPA


Sep 122015


Save over 50% on our Quality-Priced Compatibles by National Cartridge Co. They’ll always get you through the Print Job …. Guaranteed!

Quality-priced compatibles is the safe “middle ground” when switching off of Genuine Brand print cartridges. Don’t make the mistake in paying too little elsewhere!

Check your Genuine HP Reorder Code and if it starts with [CF], you’ll get an additional 10% off for limited period of time. And Remember to use promocode [ship4freebie] if your order is over $100 bucks.

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Please download and fax in our QUOTE FORM receive today’s best pricing on anything!


Jun 072015

Customs Blocks Imports of Ninestar Cartridges That Infringe HP GEO

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recently stopped Ninestar Technology from importing certain inkjet cartridges into the United States.

The products that Ninestar Technology was attempting to import violated a general exclusion order (GEO) that the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) awarded to HP in the 337-TA-691 investigation in 2011 (see “HP Reveals the Breadth of the ITC’s General Exclusion Order for Ink Tanks”). Because its duties include regulating international trade by inspecting cargo at various ports of entry into the United States, CBP is the federal law enforcement agency charged with enforcing GEOs issued by the ITC. Periodically, CBP catches infringing goods that violate GEOs, and then the ITC takes the step of issuing a seizure and forfeiture order, warning the importer that products imported in violation of the GEO will be seized and forfeited to the United States. In January, for example, the ITC issued a seizure and forfeiture order to another importer that tried to import products that infringed patents protected by the same GEO awarded to HP (see “U.S. Customs Starts the Year by Turning Back More Imports of Cartridges Barred by ITC Orders”).
We see this latest seizure and forfeiture order as a more significant a story for a couple of reasons. First of all, this time it was a member of the giant Ninestar and Seine group of global aftermarket supplies manufacturers and distributors that was nabbed violating the GEO. Second, HP currently has a patent-infringement lawsuit against Ninestar underway in U.S. federal district court for infringing some of the same patents protected by the GEO issued in the 337-TA-691 investigation (see “HP Sues Ninestar and Apex Micro for Patent Infringement”).
Forfeiture Order
The seizure and forfeiture order itself consists of the boilerplate language that we always see from the ITC. The firm that was caught importing products in violation of the GEO is identified as Ninestar Technology; two addresses are provided for this firm, one in Chino, CA, and one in City of Industry, CA. It appears that the port where CBP caught the infringing goods was Long Beach, CA, as the port director at Long Beach was copied on the order.
The seizure and forfeiture order states that CBP informed the ITC that Ninestar attempted to import inkjet cartridges covered by a GEO, CBP denied entry of the articles, and CBP provided the “owner, importer, or consignee “ with written notice of the GEO and the fact that any further attempts to import the inkjet cartridges would result in seizure and forfeiture. The ITC then decided to issue a seizure and forfeiture order concerning the articles pertaining to Ninestar and any affiliates or related entities. The ITC declares that any goods that Ninestar imports in violation of the GEO will be seized and forfeited to the United States.

This Is Where It Gets Interesting
The GEO awarded to HP back in 2011 excludes from importation into the United States products that infringe claims 6 and 9 of U.S. patent number 6,089,687 (‘687), “Method and apparatus for specifying ink volume in an ink container,” and claims 1, 5, and 6 of U.S. patent 6,264,301 (‘301), “Method and apparatus for identifying parameters in a replaceable printing component” (see “HP Reveals the Breadth of the ITC’s General Exclusion Order for Ink Tanks”). These two patents relate to the chipsets used in various HP ink tanks.
HP has a long history of asserting these patents in various ITC investigations and district court complaints, including in actions directed against Ninestar. In 2006, HP filed patent-infringement complaints in district court and before the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC), alleging that Ninestar and various distributors infringed seven patents, including the ‘687 and ‘301 patents. That complaint was eventually settled in March 2007, and Ninestar agreed to acknowledge the validity of the patents-in-suit and pull infringing compatible inkjet cartridges from the market.
HP filed suit alleging infringement of the ‘687 and ‘301 patents, among others, once again in 2009, although Ninestar and Apex Microelectronics were not named as defendants in this set of suits. HP’s 2009 complaints before the ITC ultimately resulted in two general exclusion orders being issued in 2011: one in the 337-TA-691 investigation related to ‘687 and ‘301 patents and one on the 337- TA-730 investigation related to two other HP patents (see “HP Obtains Another General Exclusion Order on Ink Tanks”).
Most recently, on October 6, 2014, HP filed a patent-infringement lawsuit against Ninestar entities in China and the United States, as well as Ninestar chip supplier Apex Microelectronics, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. HPclaims that the defendants manufacture and sell finished inkjet cartridges (in Ninestar’s case) and chips (in Apex’s case) that infringe three of HP’s U.S. patents: the ‘687 and ‘301 patents noted above, along with 6,454,381 (‘381), “Method and apparatus for providing ink container extraction characteristics to a printing system.”
The cartridges and chips that are alleged to infringe in the 2014 lawsuit include those that are compatible with the HP 564, 920, 932/933, 950/951, and 970 series ink tanks, as well as “similar cartridges.” Unfortunately, HP’s district court complaint does not explain which specific claims of these patents are infringed; it could be the same patent claims protected under the 2011 GEO or it could be different ones.
HP Gets Some More Leverage
As we reported in January, Ninestar and Apex have not yet officially answered HP’s latest patent-infringement complaint due to a deadline extension (see “Deadline for Defendants’ Response Pushed Back in HP v. Ninestar and Apex”). Ninestar did issue a public statement vowing its respect for intellectual property rights and its confidence in its products and technology soon after news of the HP lawsuit broke (see “Ninestar Issues Statement on HP Lawsuit, Static Chimes In”). The deadline for the defendants to respond to the HP lawsuit has pushed back a few times now: from November 5, 2014, to February 3, 2015, to April 6, 2015. The reason for the two most recent shifts in the schedule is that the parties are discussing an “amicable resolution of this matter.”

settlement negotiations. However, it seems likely that HP’s negotiating position is strengthened and Ninestar’s and Apex’s is weakened by this latest development.
After all, this is not the first time Ninestar has been caught importing products in violation of remedial orders issued by the ITC. After the ITC awarded Epson a GEO in the 337-TA-565 investigation in 2007, the commission in 2009 imposed fines against various companies that ignored its orders, including a fine of over $20 million against Ninestar. That fine was later reduced to $11.1 million, but Ninestar fought the fine all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, which declined to hear Ninestar’s appeal, thus letting the fine issued by the ITC and affirmed by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit stand (see “Fat Lady Has Sung for Ninestar: Supreme Court Won’t Review Appeals Court Decision on ITC Fine”).
We are sure that HP’s attorneys are reminding Ninestar of this painful saga and the fact that the Federal Circuit has upheld the ITC’s rights to levy fines against firms that flout its orders (see “Appeals Court Says Ninestar Must Pay the $11.1 Million ITC Fine”). Representing Ninestar throughout much of its years-long battle with Epson was attorney Edward F. O’Connor of The Eclipse Group. Mr. O’Connor is representing Ninestar and Apex in the current HP suit as well.
We will be eagerly following HP’s lawsuit before the Northern District of California to see if the parties settle or if Ninestar and Apex answer HP’s complaint and the lawsuit proceeds. Of course, even if HP and the defendants don’t settle right away, that doesn’t mean they won’t come to terms later on. So few of these lawsuits actually proceed to a trial phase. As settlement talks continue, we suspect that given its new ammunition, HP may be stepping up what it seeks from Ninestar and Apex in terms of financial compensation and guarantees that intellectual property will be respected moving forward.