Sep 252015

I read one of those MSN articles on the topic called “66 Tried-and-Tested Tips for a Frugal Life”, and being or wanting to be, frugal in how I handle money and buy things, I was naturally curious to read through the article.  Some of the ways in which to live a more frugal life cover:

  • Get a Deep Freezer (If You Have the Space For It)
  • Buy Whole Hams and Have the Deli Guy Slice It
  • Get Your Over-the-Counter Meds From Amazon
  • Know What the Average Price For Common Goods Are and buy accordingly
  • Find Affordable Recipes and then cook them
  • Skip the Laptop (hook a keyboard to an android device instead)

and then I came across this one: “Print at Work – If you don’t need it, don’t own a printer. I print event tickets, directions, etc., all at work.”


What kind of advice is this?  For one thing, how would any employer think of an employee who uses company office equipment and toner supplies for employee personal use?  I guess this article has shed light, perhaps, on the modern culture of entitlement and free stuff for the taking.  Somehow the the work place has become a venue of freebies.

Let me extrapolate on the new millenial entitlement mindset:  I pulled into a gas station and started the pump.  I see a rather nice little sport car roll up on the opposite side with the radio blaring.  A young but scruffy faced guy leans his head out the window and starts to plead with me.  He needs money for gas.  I say no.  He leans back and grabs what appears to be a new cordless drill set.  He wants to trade it for gas money.  I said no again.  He gives me this sorry look and then looks frustrated.  But what’s he frustrated about?  Not being able to trade stolen merchandise for cash so he can fill his tank?  This sort of soft pedaling happens all the time and I think it’s becoming a shamefless pattern of asking for the freebie.  I don’t subscribe to this behavior that is running rampant among the poor youth today.  Here’s a word for them:  poorteens.

Just about every middle-class family has at least one computer.  Would it not naturally make sense to also have a home printer with your home PC just for the mere convenience?  Nobody should have to steal from their employer to be frugal.  Home printing is absolutely affordable and overall a necessary convenience.  As a machine dealer, I am serious about bringing this issue up.  You can get the right home laser printer — monochrome or color, even at the price you want to pay.  All you have to do is reach me to discuss your needs.  I’ll take care of the frugality:  888-690-7283

  • Ken Brilliant, owner of NCC

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