Mar 282016


Just last month, National Cartridge Co. earned an authorized sales and repair agreement with ACROPRINT time management systems. With any ACROPRINT brand time management system including software and component level repair, you can count on us to receive your broken time clock in for quick turnaround and warranty repair. Just call in and get started. 888-690-7283.

Helping you with a Time & Attendance Solution:  A Self-start Questionnaire.

Today’s businesses want life automated. We want to help you figure out a better way to improve the  workflow for payroll and time & attendence.

We want to help you determine the right system, both hardware and software, to figure it all out.

The bullet point questions are carefully thought out to help you and us find that solution.  Please answer them first and then contact us for assistance.

  • How many employees does your company have?
  • How many locations/sites does your customer have?
  • Does your company have a network?
  • How many points of entrance into your facility are there?
  • What type of communication do you want to use? (example: Do you want to put the clocks on your network? Do you want to cable the clocks to one computer? If you have a remote location, do you want to use modems?)
  • How many people will be running reports from the system? Will they all be working from the same computer or different computers?
  • What type of information do you want from the system? (examples: Who is in? Department reports?)
  • How do you want your employees to punch in and out? By Using badges? Using the clock’s keypad? Using the computer’s keypad? Using biometrics (a HandPunch or facial recognition?)
  • How many schedules/shifts do your have? (remember any employee working different hours has a different schedule/shift)
  • Does you require the system to ring bells for the start of shifts or lunches or breaks and the end of shifts or lunches or breaks?
  • What payroll package do you currently use?

Call us today: 888-690-7283 and let us help you answer some of these questions and recommend the right time clock product for your needs.  You can also fax us at (925)260-7852.  National Cartridge Co. is based in Walnut Creek, CA.  Within the San Francisco Bay Area.

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