Low Price Guarantee

We'll price match ... if we have to. But Let's face it. There are 3 main benefits any customer looks for in a products & Service Company such as ours:

  1. Price.
  2. Quality.
  3. Service.

If we can't meet you on the price you want to pay, based upon another online seller's lower price, then before we "race to the bottom", let us know if the other two aspects are perhaps more important, "Quality" and "Service".

Our Quality can't be beat. The simple reason why is that NCC replacement print cartridges are fully remanufactured with new aftermarket components. Then each cartridges goes through a print testing -- an extra step that not even the Genuine Manufacturer will do. After being in the cartridge rebuilding business for nearly 25 years, we pride ourselves in the success of our own achievements in remanufacturing print cartridges with consistent quality success.

So ask yourself before you ask us to lower our price, what is really more important? Getting the print quality you pay for, or saving a little money and probably getting something not so good?