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Protection against fine dust with DAHLE CleanTEC®

Air pollution poses a health risk not only outdoors, but also in the office. Copiers, printers and fax machines are known sources of dust polluted air. Document shredders are also known to produce dust particles which can effect air quality. DAHLE CleanTEC® shredders are equipped with an innovative dust filtration system. Bothersome fine dust is collected directly above the cutting cylinders and captured in a filter before it enters the air.
DAHLE CleanTEC® fine dust filters achieve a reduction of fine dust by 98 % in the air.
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$5,064.27 $3,013.96 ($3,262.61 inc tax)
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Dahle 40606 Department Shredder

Manufacturer: DAHLE

$4,769.64 $2,838.61 ($3,072.80 inc tax)
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$3,862.06 $3,224.82 ($3,490.87 inc tax)
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