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Keep  surveillance systems lean and dynamic with these high end security camera DVR's and Cameras.  For instance, the  E4000 Physical Security Appliance (PSA) is a complete surveillance video management system in a box that combines purpose-built hardware with Senstar Symphony™ video management software. The E4000 series is the ideal solution for space constrained environments, such as small footprint retailers, gas stations, and harsh environments.

High performance doesn’t have to be complex. The onboard Intel® Celeron® processor provides stable performance with very low heat generation and minimal cooling requirements, resulting in improved stability and longevity.

A tough aluminum case, with heat dispersing fins draws heat away from the processor, enables the system to operate in environments not suitable for commercial off-the-shelf PCs. To provide installation flexibility, the E4000 can be wall or rack mounted ensuring easy placement in any scenario.

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