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Powerware FERRUPS FER3.1 - UPS - 2.2 kW - 3100 VA

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Powerware FERRUPS FER3.1 - UPS (rack-mountable) - AC 120 V - 2.2 kW - 3100 VA - RS-232 - CTO

The Powerware FERRUPS Rackmount UPS power supply delivers the best power quality and unmatched reliability in configurable power management. Offering more than just surge protection and backup power, the FERRUPS Rackmount UPS system features Powerware's patented ferro resonant UPS technology to deliver "bulletproof" power protection.

The FERRUPS Rackmount UPS offers the ideal level of power protection for banking and security systems, manufacturing process control, servers, and telecommunications equipment.


  • Delivers bulletproof protection with Ferro resonant technology
  • Converts power from almost any AC source into computer-grade power
  • Prolongs backup time with external battery cabinets
  • Conditions incoming power without depleting the battery to preserve battery power for complete power outages
  • Adapts to virtually any application with customizable receptacles, input plugs, voltage matching transformers, and bypass switches
  • Incorporates connectivity products to fit various environments and applications
Manufacturer POWERWARE
Product Type UPS
Models RI000AA0A0A0A0R
Original Manufacturer code RI000AA0A0A0A0R