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Bio-GRBtm is a Taiwan based manufacturer of high technology time & attendence clock recorders under the BioLifetm brand. BIO-GRB's mission is to innovate, develop and promote Bio-Technology devices for businesses who must track and report time & attendance data of their employees on and off the job.

Additionally, our devices also operate with well engineered software. The software is the back-end of BioLife's hardware. The software provides user-friendly editing screens which allow one to set up work schedules and then assign employees to their respective work schedules. It's so easy and intuitive and you only have to do it once.

BioLife has always been in the forward position of recognizing new trends of bio-sensing devices and responds to future business needs by continually developing the software that enhances a “user-friendly” experience with better data gathering and reporting features.

The overall goal of Biolife is to create solutions that work in both business commercial applications as well as many other products which offer security and safety for family and home.